Second-to-Die Insurance

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Secure Your Estate’s Future with Second-to-Die Insurance

Couples often accumulate significant wealth and assets throughout their lives, which can result in hefty estate taxes upon their passing. Second-to-Die Insurance, also known as Survivorship Insurance, is a joint policy that covers the lives of two people, usually married couples. The death benefit is not paid until the death of the second insured person.

Under federal tax law, the surviving spouse can inherit an unlimited amount of personal assets without paying estate taxes until the second spouse’s passing. However, this can leave beneficiaries with a large tax bill to pay after the second spouse passes away.

A Second-to-Die policy from our Insurance Agency can help provide your beneficiaries with the means to pay off your estate taxes without having to liquidate the personal assets you’ve worked hard to attain. Additionally, because the policy insures two people, the premium is lower compared to individual policies, making it a more affordable option.

As a specialized form of insurance, Second-to-Die policies may have limitations, and it’s important to discuss your options with our insurance specialists to determine the right amount of coverage for you and your family.

Ensure the future of your estate and protect your loved ones with Second-to-Die Insurance from our Insurance Agency.

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