Risk Grader

Strongly ConservativeConservativeNeutralAggressiveStrongly Aggressive
Conservative Appetite for risk, we would prefer to spend more on insurance premium and self-insure as little as possible. Aggressive Appetite to assume versus insure risk, we would prefer to spend far less on insurance premiums and self-insure as much risk as others will allow.
Completely UnknownNot AlignedNeutralSomewhat AlignedCompletely Aligned
From "we don't know if our current insurance program is aligned with our leadership's risk tolerance" to "we're completely aligned with leadership's risk tolerance"
ChaoticHecticDissatisfyingRenewal is the Opposite of ChaosWe Renew Feeling very Satisfied
From "Our annual renewal process is hectic, dissatisfying and appears to be very transactional in nature with changes in premium being disclosed last minute" to "Our annual renewal process is strategic and transparent. We leave each renewal feeling very satisfied."