Umbrella Liability Insurance

Traverse City Umbrella Insurance

Protect your assets and future earnings with Umbrella Liability Insurance. This type of policy provides additional limits of liability above your existing homeowners, auto, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, rental property, or watercraft policies. In the event that you are sued and receive a judgement against you, Umbrella Liability Insurance can help safeguard your savings, investments, and home.

You may need Umbrella Liability Insurance if you find yourself in a situation where lawsuits exceed your underlying policy limits. This is commonly the case in scenarios such as dog bites, home injuries, speeding accidents, distracted driving incidents, and motorcycle accidents.

If you’re a business owner, Commercial Umbrella Insurance provides the same protection as a personal lines umbrella, but for your business and policy exposures. This type of policy covers your business auto, general liability, and workers compensation coverages. Commercial umbrella policies are rated based on various factors such as your receipts as a business, payroll expense, number of commercially owned or used vehicles, and owned properties. Contact us today for a quick quote and protect all that you’ve worked so hard for without breaking the bank.


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