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Vacant or flip houses can be a significant investment, but they also come with unique risks. When you have a property that is unoccupied, it is vulnerable to risks such as theft, vandalism, and fire damage. Vacant/flip house insurance can help protect your investment against these losses and more.

Coverage needs for vacant/flip houses can vary based on the reason for vacancy, length of vacancy, and other factors. It’s important to assess your risk exposures and obtain the right coverage to ensure you have adequate protection.

Unoccupied properties face a higher risk of damage, making it crucial to have vacant/flip house insurance coverage beyond what is included in a standard property insurance policy. This coverage can help protect against losses due to accidents such as a sprinkler system leakage, purposeful damage caused by criminals, or natural disasters like wind damage or water damage.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, any business may suddenly need to protect vacant property that may need to stay empty for an extended period. Even after the pandemic, remote work may continue to affect the occupancy rates of some properties.

When selecting the right coverage for your vacant/flip house insurance, consider the duration of time the property may remain unoccupied, as some policies may have specific provisions for certain losses based on the length of vacancy. Our insurance representative can work with you to determine the appropriate coverage for your specific needs.

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